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Allow the fragrance around to engulf you... carry you off to a sensual place, preparing you for the journey you're about to embark on with every single taste, sip...warming your body up, while catching a drift..of this new way to feel, could this be real?

Of course, Authentic baby...No additives.

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Sometimes referred to as Southern Ginseng, this herb is primarily used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This super adaptogen helps with weight loss, improves heart function, strengthens the immune system, and increases endurance & stamina. Gynostemma is known as the "Herb of Immortality".

Willow Bark

Grown globally, this vintage herb has been used for medicine locally. in Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Ayurveda. Willow bark is known to relieve pain, inflammation, and fever. Considered as a good alternative to NSAIDs like aspirin or Advil, willow helps with arthritis, muscle pain, and headaches.


One of the most important herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine. This ancient adaptogen has been around for over 3,000 years. It helps your body manage stress and increases energy levels. Ashwagandha also boosts brain function and fights symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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We strive to provide our customers with unique, natural herbs in our blends that can't be found anywhere else. Our handcrafted products supply purpose and benefits to aid in your wellness needs. With herbs selected from around the world, each blend is made with you in mind.

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Looovveeee the MentaliTea! Smells great, taste great, and I think it's really helping me focus


I feel really good!....kinda like I'm high ;-). -used the EaseTea


It was good and worked quickly through me! & It had a fresh taste. -used the PuriTea