About Us

SovereignTea is a wellness company that provides an herbal alternative to your everyday medicines and body care products.

Founded in 2020, in the midst of Covid 19, a global pandemic that impacted the world, we began with just 3 herbal beverages. Our founder Natasha, an avid tea drinker, was bound to her home which led to rapid weight gain and internal body dysfunctions. Not having access to gyms or doctors, she reverted back to the natural and effective way of healing, herbal remedies. After 3 months of daily tea consumption, Natasha lost 25 pounds and her internal system became regulated.

Shocked with the results, she started suggesting the tea blends to her family, friends, and coworkers. In addition to weight loss, people were noticing a decline in blood pressure and blood sugar, stress levels, internal dysfunctions, and better sleep patterns. These amazing transformations sparked something in Natasha, that led her on the journey to herbalism. Learning new herbs, techniques, and practices, she started to formulate blends that help with common health issues. 

Upon the discovery that, "herbs have the ability to heal every illness", SovereignTea was created. We envision a world that supplies healthier and more natural methods to aid in all wellness and body needs.


What is SovereignTea?

We are the herbal alternative medicine to your everyday wellness concerns. We mix loose, organic herbs to create blends that only requires water to be activated. Each blend provides a special function that works with the essentials of your body to aid help in whichever area it is needed. Our herbal blends are supplied in biodegradable rice paper packaging, so not only are you benefiting your body but also the world with each pouch.

Why SovereignTea?

We strive to provide our customers with unique, natural herbs in our blends that can't be found anywhere else. Our handcrafted products supply purpose and benefits to aid in your wellness needs. With herbs selected from around the world, each blend is made with you in mind.